What is Lightsource? - LightSource

LightSource is the only online resource for lighting industry professionals to help increase the probability of finding work and workers.

There are three different membership tiers or LightSource. Basic, Pro and AALT.

The aim of LightSource is to provide the following benefits and services:

  • Increase the chances of finding work; allowing you to create a professional profile, read and receive work notifications and tell potential employers you're available for work.
  • Provide companies, Best Boys and Gaffers with up-to-date worker availability notifications. If you're looking for crew, you'll be able to glance through and find suitable technicians and see their availability. If you need more than one, you can write a quick message and click all the people you wish to send it to from your contacts list.
  • Inform you and keep you up-to-date with latest Bectu information that is relevant to our industry, not any other department.
  • Share and comment on photos; uploading photos from recent times and remembering the boys of the past who are no longer with us.
  • Provide a platform for our industry manufacturers to advertise and showcase new equipment.
  • Help us communicative effectively and efficiently.
  • And over time, allow you to source and find all things in or to do with our lighting industry.

LightSource is here to help working lighting professionals. Your feedback is really important to us. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

Please contact the LightSource team.

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Interested in joining LightSource?

  • Do you have qualifications suitable for this industry?
  • Do you have adequate work experience?
  • Are you a Lighting Company Representative?
  • Are you a Director of
    Photography / Cameraman?


LightSource supports BECTU and retains the right to review accounts which could be harmful to the technicians as a whole.