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A place for industry professionals to communicate and maximise work possibilities.

LightSource has been built with help from some of the film industries top gaffers, best boys and technicians as well as recognition from IMDB.com and some of the largest companies i.e. Warner Bros and ARRI. This is a place to talk to each other, find work and workers, and many other benefits.

Here you will find lighting technicians, desk operators, genny operators, best boys, lighting companies, production companies and cinematographers. LightSource is a place for DPs to find gaffers so if you have a credible CV, here you can let it be seen. Don't get left behind, get involved in the future.

Our site allows you to:

  • Create your own profile
  • Upload and comment on crew photos
  • See Film and TV history in the stills archive
  • See latest BECTU news and information
  • See who is available for work
  • Let people know you are looking for work
  • Search database for particular Technicians
  • Find a gaffer
  • Let DPs see what you've worked on
  • Many more exciting features coming soon

Your feedback is important to us at this early stage. Please visit our contact page and send us your views.

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  • Do you have qualifications suitable for this industry?
  • Do you have adequate work experience?
  • Are you a Lighting Company Representative?
  • Are you a Director of
    Photography / Cameraman?


LightSource supports BECTU and retains the right to review accounts which could be harmful to the technicians as a whole.